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Lovely Hockey
15/16 Season
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Game # 33029 Lovely Hockey at Ninja Tune WDKC
10:00 PM Tuesday, February 2, 2016 Gadbois

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Lovely Hockey Roster
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Player Name Position Action
Active Roster
(*) erick lachapelle goaler [login]
spare Roster
(*) guillaume ducharme goalie [login]
(*) chantal tippett goaler [login]
Active Roster
(*) vince teetaert defend [login]
(*) ashley fortier defend [login]
(*) sebastien dallaire defend [login]
(*) sam bick attack/defend [login]
(*) raven dumont-maurice attack/defend [login]
(*) taylor freund attack/defend [login]
(*) liam twomey attack/defend [login]
(*) stephen glasgow attack [login]
(*) rossel bérard attack [login]
(*) jeffrey mackie attack [login]
(*) mathieu gagné attack [login]
(*) marie-pier veilleux attack [login]
Spare Roster
(*) macho philipovich defend [login]
(*) pietro amato defend [login]
(*) francis lemieux defend [login]
(*) aaron smith attack [login]
(*) rafico ruiz attack [login]
(*) lee seymour attack [login]
(*) yan thiel attack [login]
(*) jonathan houle attack [login]
(*) mel hughes attack [login]
(*) vincent lemieux attack [login]
(*) esli osmanlliu attack [login]
(*) megan hewings attack [login]
(*) michael bufo attack [login]
(*) jeff beaupre attack [login]
(*) alex bates attack [login]
Lovely Hockey
Confirmed Gameday Roster
Player Name Position Action
(*) samir shaheen-hussain attack [login]