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The Iceholes
07/08 Le Puck Season
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The Iceholes Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
00 Goalie Jean-Maurice Breton (Attendance)

1 Right Wing Marie-Claude Goyer (Attendance)
2 Defence Derek Boudreau (Attendance)

3 Right Wing Dave Fraenkel (Attendance)

6 Defence Luc Mantha (Attendance)

8 Left Wing Dwayne Sheplawy (Attendance)

9 Centre Patrice Roy (Attendance)

11 Defence Pat Casey (Attendance)

13 Right Wing Charles Des Groseillers (Attendance)

16 Defence Scott Gray (Attendance)

21 Centre Sean Sutcliffe (Attendance)

26 Defence Erik Lind (Attendance)

61 Left Wing Rémi Duval (Attendance)

76 Centre Julien Quidoz (Attendance)

88 Centre Jeremy Engelberg (Attendance)

Spare Roster
Goalie / Forward Christian Lalanne (Attendance)

Forward UJ Barclay (Attendance)

Defence Casey Leggett (Attendance)

7 Left Wing Mark Purdon (Attendance)

10 Defence Christian Lalanne (Attendance)

71 Forward Martin Deschenes (Attendance)