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The Iceholes
08/09 Le Puck Season
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The Iceholes Roster
Jersey Position Player Name Shoots Links
Active Roster
1 Goalie Jean-Maurice Breton (Attendance)

5 D Luc Mantha (Attendance)

6 FW Dave Fraenkel (Attendance)

7 D Derek Boudreau (Attendance)

8 FW Dwayne Sheplawy (Attendance)

9 C Patrice Roy (Attendance)

10 FW Hannah Hoag (Attendance)

11 FW UJ Barzilay (Attendance)

14 FW Charles Des Groseillers (Attendance)

16 D Scott Gray (Attendance)

17 D Janick Raymond (Attendance)

18 FW Jeremy Engelberg (Attendance)

21 C Sean Sutcliffe (Attendance)

25 FW Bertrand Nepveu (Attendance)

26 D Erik Lind (Attendance)

76 C Julien Quidoz (Attendance)

Spare Roster
Goalie Christian Lalanne (Attendance)

FW Josh Barzilay (Attendance)

FW Scott Mucklow (Attendance)

FW Brian Pinchuk (Attendance)

D James Anderson (Attendance)